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New York dons 10.DEEP have crashed Karmaloop once again, leaving a killer line of fall gear following the massacre.

Our peoples from New York Gritty killed it with the spring and summer drops featuring bicycle messenger-inspired gear which brought back the classic, mid-90’s sportswear lines from Polo Ralph Lauren, Nautica and Tommy Hilfiger. This fall, 10.DEEP is doing it for the losers, the dwellers, the outcasts, micreants, lowlifes and scumbags… in other words, people just like us. Thanks, fam!

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To be more specific, the ideals behind the 10.DEEP fall drop, “Proud to be a Problem,” pay tribute to the troublemakers who not only challenge authority but do so with a drive and desire to change the world, one cursing-out at a time. Inspired by the change in social climate following the elections last year as well as the economic travesties committed in it’s fair city, The Tenth Division feels that it is finally time to celebrate the underdogs and the problem children… besides, what’s a hero besides a half-hearted, cop-out title, anyways?

Thanks in part to a number of killer logos, 10.DEEP always comes correct with it’s tees. However, the first ingredient in the potent mix of freshness has to be the cut-and-sew, ensuring the right fit beneath clean, often edgy graphics. And, goddamn, the graphics this fall are just ridiculous. We’re loving The Sticker Attack! Tee (above left) presenting the 10.DEEP-favorite Polo logo bombed up with stickers in a nod to the wonderful world of guerrilla marketing, while The Registered Logo Mars Scrawl Tee, featuring the 10.DEEP knuckleduster done up with a homemade deodorant stick-turned-weapon of street art to achieve the lovely drip effect, shows even more love to the vandals making statements throughout your city.

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Our dudes impressed with the Killian’s and Shanks & Sharps short-sleeved buttondowns over the spring and summer, but they have left us breathless over the buttonables for the fall. The Journeyman Utility Buttondown Shirt is an instant winner (check the gray joint, too), and with more pockets than…. the, um… the pocket… store… cops may just take one look and decide against searching you (they be lazy). With it’s convertable sleeves, sick black, green, gray, white, red and yellow micro plaid and the ill slim fit around the torso, The Lowlands Convertable Buttondown is expected to do big numbers this fall – don’t be surprised to find this gem with trademark 10.DEEP tweaks on future drops as well.

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Damn, hellllll-oooooo, new fuckin’ favorite! As burly and beautiful as it’s namesake, The Big Sur Denim Jacket is our new must-cop item of the fall. As we’ve said before, we’re absolute jacket fiends here at KarmaloopBlogs so we put ‘em through a little more scrutiny than other items out of habit After a good hour of fawning, poking, prodding, pulling and generally putting the jacket through our gauntlet of death, it stood up to the test and still shone like the Pacific Ocean beneath Bixby Bridge. Leather detail? Check. Raw wash denim and fresh tan contrast stitching? Yep. 10.DEEP signature buttons, logos and embroidery? Yeah. Cop it.

Next to jackets, hoodies are our mistresses. 10.DEEP had you all geeked on the offerings from the spring drop and unbelievably, they came right back and smashed it once again. The Big 10 Utility Zip Hoody (above right) is our jam this season, from the heather gray build to the ridiculous embroidery throughout and the kangaroo pouch-style pockets in the back (once some bike messengers, always some bike messengers), it’s a killer through and through.

10 710 8

Speaking of those pedal-pushing, pedestrian-punishing monsters of the avenue, 10.DEEP has brought the five panel hats back for the bike messengers (and your lazy ass) with a couple new looks and colorways on The East River Navigator Cap. The five panel killed shit since the initial drop last spring, and going by looks alone, we’re predicting the same for these joints above. Much love for the micro plaid, and the yellow accent on the black and blue joint is just begging for instant classic status.

Another huge drop from one of our favorite brands, and we’ve got some exclusive shit from The Tenth Division here at Karmaloop, so hustle over and check the rest madness after clicking the banner below.

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We are saddened to learn that our friend DJ AM has passed away. AM came through big time at a number of Karmaloop events over the years and tore shit down each time out. We would like to pass our condolences on to DJ AM’s friends and family during this difficult time. Rest in peace.



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