“Post Modernist” Contest!


Karmaloop X Popdeck presents the “Post Modernist” Contest

Submission Instructions:

To Submit a new deck, you need download the Submission kit here.

Create Your Design

Use your creative direction and make any design or artwork you think would look great on a skateboard. Keep in mind that we have a wide audience here, so don’t be shy with submitting different styles and techniques.

You can download the submission kit to help you create a template to submit your design. If you are chosen as a winner, we will need a vector file of your artwork for print. Please limit all designs to 5 colors.

Submit Your Design

Once your design is made and it is in the correct size to be submitted, either create an account or login if you have one. Follow the easy steps to submit your design. We always have our general contest, but we invite you to submit designs for our special sponsored contest. Please only submit one design to one contest.

Winning Instructions

If your design is awarded the winning design, we will contact you via email. We will need you to send us a vector/print ready art work file in .psd or .ai. Payment can be made through paypal or a check can be mailed.

This contest has no expiration date! Once 50 photograph boards are submitted the contest is over! The limit per person is 4 different submissions for this contest.


1) You must mock-up the photo on a skateboard.
2) You MUST have taken the photograph, it must be public domain, or you must have written consent from the person who took this!
3) You must have a high resolution copy of the photo in the case you are a winner.


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