Mourning Wood


It could have been the constant headaches. Alcoholism, perhaps. Kidney failure, a stroke, the loss of vision in one eye… nevertheless, three self-inflicted gunshots in 1981 ended the life and career of heralded cartoonist, Wallace Wood.

Fast forward almost 30 years and the art and influence that Wood left sketched into the minds of illustrators and cartoonists alike is unparalleled. The man inspired a generation of underground artists including luminaries Robert Crumb, Robert Williams and Art Spiegelman, left a major impact on graphically-charged movie posters, and now finds tribute in the world of street fashion.

New brand Woodwork has (legally – we swear) appropriated some of the more infamous, notorious works of Wood’s twisted, pained brilliance for a line of killer tees, resulting in vaguely familiar, yet never-seen-before prints that you may spend more time staring at than actually wearing. Check ‘em out:


The Wonka Tee (L); The Witzend Piggyback Tee (R).


The Creeps Tee (L); The Piggyback Tee (R).


The Dirty Executive Tee (L); The Bucky Ruckus Tee (R).

Stay tuned for more madness from Woodwork in the coming weeks and seasons; with a career that spanned nearly four decades, there is enough material produced by Wood to make up for all of those bullshit, embarassing Ed Hardy and Von Dutch garments tucked into the back corner of your closet.

Click the self-portrait below to check out more from Woodwork.



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