“… Killing and killing…”

“… they sort of develop a taste for blood.”


New York bosses Mighty Healthy just dropped a grip of new tees at Karmaloop featuring the good ol’ bold, brash, killer graphics we’ve become accustomed to from these cats – and stay tuned throughout the weekend for the release of some killer buttondowns, hoodies, hats, and an extra special surprise come Monday mornin’…


Square Times indeed down there in the biggest damned tourist trap on earth. Our parents regale us with tales of horror, dread, debauchery and balls-to-the-wall fun from New York’s 1970’s heyday centered in The Square, we’ve read all about it in Please Kill Me and The Bronx is Burning, and some of our absolute favorite flicks are based there – Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, and the list goes on (with lots of DeNiro and Keitel appearances). At least our parents can relive past glories when they wake us up off of the front lawn while we’re wearing The Square Times Tee, stained with last night’s booze, blood and regrets.

Speaking of flicks, The Mother Tee takes one of our favorite moments from Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood – and not only immortalizes that shit, but highlights what we think every time we pass some poorly-dressed sucker on our way to the office, see Kanye West on TV or catch a glance of ourselves in the mirror… um, wait, what..?


Velvet Jones! Velvet fuckin’ Jones! If you don’t know who the god is, then you’re copping your blackmarket goods from the wrong man, sucka! It looks like our dude Velvet and the Mightys have started a joint business venture to help all of you untalented, unaspiring musicians make it big. Join the Autotone Academy and sound like a star (or art least look like one, rocking The Autotune Tee).

Click the banner below to get a look at the rest of the pre-weekened tee drop, and stay tuned for next week when Mighty Healthy- whoops, almost spoiled the secret…



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