Karmaloop-Exclusive ORISUE

We got it… they don’t.


Our dudes at ORISUE hooked up some ‘Loop-exclusive gear for the holiday season, including The Weller Baseball Jacket, The Lansing V-Neck and The Stacked Classic Fit denims. The Orisue for Karmaloop Collection is here in very limited quantities, and once we’re out – we’re out. Forever. And ever. Here’s the rundown:


Unlike the baseball coach for your varsity squad, The Weller is crisp, clean, smart in design and doesn’t smell like the aftermath of a three-day bender. The cotton and polyester blended construction adds to a modern fit and comfort on this timeless piece, and while ORISUE should be well-known to you all for the brands insistence on innovation, the Weller is no exception; crazy new waist pocket design and layout, convenient chest pockets positioned lower than your average jacket and a hidden stash pocket at the side seam are all featured here on this otherwise tastefully minimalist piece. A walk-off dinger for the ORISUE crew on this one.


To be honest, The Blogs wasn’t quite sure how we felt about this one earlier this week. The more we look, however, the more we appreciate the collar detail on The Lansing‘s medium-depth v-neck; kind of how you have that awesome female friend that’s not attractive until all of your friends start telling you how dope she is. Either that, or we’re finally starting to sober up. The asymetrical buttons are slaying us at this point (making these instantly recognizable as ORISUE joints), and the baby shit-soft cotton build was the clincher – rocking the black rager with a buttondown and cardigan tonight.


Your favorite jeans just got better. The heralded Stack Classic Fit is back just for the Loop Troop, featuring a raw dark blue denim composition that makes the tonal stitching and silver ORISUE-signature buttons and rivets pop like strip club ass. Continuing with the innovation aspects, here’s a true story in regards to the doubled-up waistband and belt loops: a model came in for a photo shoot today and told our heroin-chic, skinny-ass assistant that the extra waistband “frames [his] butt nice.” Look, if a model tells one of the goons here that these look good, just imagine what they’ll do for you, Assanova.


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