Propaganda, punk rock, posting up and pissing people off… what else could you expect from Shepard Fairey and the Obey clan?

Back at Karmaloop with an all-new, killer summer drop featuring more tees than a stuttered alphabet, we’re positively stoked to see that Shepard continues to kill shit in the graphics game. Effortlessly moving from bold and brash to trippy, highly-detailed originals, there’s almost always a message tucked into the print, be it as subtle as a punch to the face or more subliminal than Judas Priest lyrics. Our case herein centers on The Evolve Devolve Tee (bottom row, left) and The Obey Bar Logo Tee (bottom row, right); featuring a crazy print of an oil well polluting and burning through a rural sky, the powerful image conjures thoughts of… what, do we have to explain everything to you? In regards to the Bar Logo Tee, if have you have ever slapped a sticker somewhere blatant and public, then you know how good that feels – just image how bitchin’ it would be to wear that feeling with you all damned day.

As fanatical we are for the music of Bad Brains, it’s great to see the the nod of respect to the hardcore punk pioneers on The Leaving Babylon Tee (top row, right), named for one of the band’s trademark reggae tracks. Taking cue from the classic cover to the self-titled debut album by the Washington, D.C. outfit, the signature Obey twist presents the Bolt of Jah smashing down on the Babylon kingdom rather than just the Capitol Building – go big or go home, right?

Andre the Giant gets a rock & roll makeover on The Obey Punks Tee (top row, left), featuring a splatter-font normally reserved for metal albums and low-budget horror flicks, with the Giant’s silhouette tucked below. Guess it means that now is the time to ditch the sweat, beer and blood-stained Slayer tee that has done us proud for so many years – thanks for the memories, lil’ guy.

That’s just a mere sampling of the madness Obey left for us at Karmaloop. Click the banner below to check out more dope tees and some crazy new accessories, notably The Ahoy Wallet – buy a bottle and crack it open in one fell swoop!



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