“Rock & roll ain’t noise pollution… rock & roll ain’t gonna die.”


Heavy metal motherfuckers we are, KarmaloopBlogs just cannot get enough of the latest KR3W drop as we mentioned a few days ago. We’ve been waiting on this shipment for weeks now, blasting our thrash from the office at deafening levels, carving pentagrams on the walls, debating the pecking order of metal’s all-time top 10 bands, just biding our time and waiting somewhat-patiently for the new KR3W arrival, praying to our dark lord Satan that the live product matches the madness we’ve been drooling over on the line sheets… needless to say, the devil has answered our calling.

KSLIMS denims have not left us disappointed to date. KR3W makes some minor tweaks and comes back, unbelievably, with an even better product each season, and this summer is no exception; made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex, the KSLIMS are still as tough as the King of the Pit, and now allow even more movement while you’re moshing, stage-diving, shoving motherfuckers away from the bar and running your ass away from the man-mountain you spilled a PBR tall boy all over.

Ah, Slayer. Is there anything those dudes can’t do (aside from taking your mom to church)? Providing inspiration to everyone from Public Enemy to the shitty, mopey emo bands that pass as “metal” these days, KR3W shows their love and appreciation for The Fab Four of Thrash with The Lizagram Tee. Replacing Slayer’s swords with bones and adding a gang of lizards for effect, this tee still screams “FUCKIN’ SLAYER!” louder than that older dude who used to buy you booze and cigarettes back in junior high. Reign in blood, friends, and always live South of Heaven.

Now, whether you’re into metal or not, cop a metal belt and at least look like a bad ass, ya Nancy. Maybe then, the big kids up the street will stop stealing your ice cream money. Start with The Lothario Belt, end with pulling a biker chick back to the pad to realize the true meaning of “rock and roll all night, party every day (first and last time Kiss will ever be mentioned here, we swear).

p.s. We love Supra, too. The Skytop in Distressed Balck with Gold is killin’ us right now.


Click the banner below to check out the rest of KR3W’s insane summer drop at Karmaloop.



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