No shared accommodations, resources, income or possessions in this Comune, however. And what’s more, Comune gear is 100% free of the insidious patchouli, b.o. and hummus odors we’ve come to associate with hippies and their living quarters. Rather, Comune gear is hard as fuck, fresh to death, ill like swine flu and clean like The Chosen Few.

We’ve been stoked on the innovative ideas our brands have been applying to traditional plaids lately, and the Comune effort may just be the new King of the Mountain. Not only is The Dekker Buttondown pattern a fresh, new take on conventional plaids, but the ultra-light cotton build makes this an instant keeper for the late-summer and throughout fall. We’re especially geeked for the panel stitching at the back, giving the shirt and pattern a crazy, abstract look while maintaining the ideal fit.

And although summer decided to finally make an appearance here in Boston, we’re jumping the gun and looking forward to fall weather to rock The B SZA Jacket (bottom right) properly, signature to Comune/Baker rider Brayden Szafranski. Waxed denim, also seen with The B SZA signature denims, is set to really blow up this fall after a successful test run by a few of the more brave companies last year. It’s not difficult to realize why after trying a pair on – not only do they look 100% better than standard black denim, but the sturdier fit rarely hears complaints (we stress, however, that pairing the denims and jacket together for an updated “Canadian tuxedo” look is for the fearless only).



This is just a quick peek at what Comune has in store (pun intended) for the summer – check out the rest of the debut at Karmaloop here!


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