Huntin’ Season


Before going any further, we’re getting on the record by stating that KarmaloopBlogs in no way whatsoever endorses the “sport” of hunting. It’s inhumane, it’s outdated, it’s pointless, and we feel that the only way it could ever be considered a sport would be if the animals were armed as well. That being said…

“Dawg will hunt!”


The Lifted Research Group goes balls-deep into Mother Nature for it’s fall drop, emerging from the depths of the California forests only to bring out looks never seen before in the realm of streetwear – in fact, the aesthetic is anything but; we would call it “dirtroadwear,” or something corny like that, but, you know… whatever. It’s hot outside, and we’re super hazy an’ lazy.

Regardless, we’re totally warming to the innovative new camo print utilized with The Buck items (the bags above, wallet and media case below, as well as the reversible hat), a floor-of-the-forest look in colors that typify the fall season, with dark reds, browns and black for good measure. What makes each piece, however, is LRG’s new “padre orange” splashed throughout the interior of each bag and case, giving each a killer accent that’s autumn through and through.





Camo-prints aside, LRG still hits the mark with more pieces inspired by the season, namely The Big Game Buttondown (above left). Don’t let yourself get tricked with the bright orange and black plaid colorway – no, you won’t look like a fucking man-o-lantern as long as your rock that shit with sensible denims (think: dark blue wash – if we may suggest The Big Game Hunter True Straight Fit), a white tee underneath and some black or white kicks of your choosing. Made from 100% cotton that’s soft to the touch and rugged like the man RA, the plaid is killer at closer glance, and as is the case with all LRG buttondowns, it’s cut somewhere between slim and wide, left at the perfect, happy medium.

We’re big fans of keeping it simple, and The Grass Roots Henley Tee is destined to be just one of our crucials throughout the fall and into the spring. Perfectly feasible as an undershirt or as the main attraction itself, comfort and versatility is the game this joint is playing and it’s here to win. While the charcoal heather gray is killer, be sure to check the purple joint, too.



The graphics LRG hits on a consistent basis are back for the fall tees and some choice hoodies, a few of which feature our point exactly when it comes to gunning down defenseless animals. We’re loving The Endangered Species RF Tee, presenting a print that turns the tables on all of the inept Elmer Fudd motherfuckers out there in the woods – real talk, as we’ve said before: if hunting is going to be considered a sport, at least equip the prey with some laser headbands a la Doctor Evil’s sharks to make it fair. Otherwise, the “sport” is precisely as it appears on The 47 Ways to Buck Tee – point blank, boom, gone, game over. B-o-o-o-ring. And spare us the “population control” argument; it’s called the ecological food chain, and it’s been around… oh, only a couple thousand fucking years. Besides… “Circle of Life,” dudes. Come on. Don’t act like you don’t know.


Cargoes. Ripstop weave. Six pockets. Drawstring adjustable cuffs. Natural colorways. LRG signature embroidery and tags. Keepers. Fresh.

You know how LRG drops go, kids. We got you, and we got you big time, with a shipment big enough to keep you in new and different outfits ev-a-ree-day from now through Christmas. Click the banner below and get a closer look!



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