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Following a recent trip out West, we left our hearts, clothes, wallets and weed in San Francisco, with a number of broken hearts in our wake (long story). Fortunately, the truck we jacked for a ride home was filled with goodies from West Coast legends Upper Playground, 12Grain, Fifty24SF, Estevan Oriol and superFishal, making us the freshest, cleanest criminals on the run in history (Dillinger is a close second, but we digress). As part of the negotiations to get their clothes and truck back, we all agreed that Karmaloop would carry these stellar lines from here on out, bringing the Best of the West together with the Beasts of the East, long at last.

Known throughout the streetwear community for working with the illest graffiti artists, photographers and creative heads in all fields of media, the following is just a mere sample of the madness just dropped today at Karmaloop, accompanied by some parting shots by Karmaloop employees drooling over the shipment. Be sure to check out each brand’s individual page for more craziness from the Yay Area.


Upper Playground

The Gone Native Tee, designed by Dan Cuenca: Colonel Kurtz was crazy, but this tee is fuckin’ insane… is that okay, or does that sound corny?”

The Shootin’ Ups Tee, designed by Denis Kennedy: “Nice shout to the classic Oakland A’s squads – this is as punk rock as streetwear gets… what do you mean, ‘that’s corny,too?’ Fuck off, dude, I’m hungover.”



The One Step Beyond Tee: “It’s like an Agnostic Front tribute, nice!”

The Craola Uncle Tee, designed by GregCraolaSimkins: “That’s trippy, the sugar skull-turned clown print. Craola is on point.”


Estevan Oriol

The Skullz Tee: “That looks like [KarmaloopBlogs] when you wear fedora’s, because you’re a creepy punk.”

The LA Fingers Tee: “I’ve been seeing [Oriol’s] flicks and artwork for a while now, there are so many pieces that would make dope tees.”



The FOG Tee: “I left my heart in San Francisco, best city in the world – home is where the heart is!”

The I Heart SF 2 Tee, Jeremy Fish collaboration: “Much love from the SFC!”



The Sleeping Girl Tee, Sam Flores collaboration: “I feel perverted when I look at this, what’s the other one?”

The F-You Angel Tee, Sam Flores collaboration: “This one’s perverted in a different way – I like ‘em both a lot, though, ha ha! The illustrations are bonkers.”


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