Haunting the Kazbah

“In order to appease the gods, the Druid priests held fire rituals. Prisoners of war, criminals, the insane, animals… were… burned alive in baskets. By observing the way they died, the Druids believed they could see omens of the future. Two thousand years later, we’ve come no further. Samhain isn’t evil spirits. It isn’t goblins, ghosts or witches. It’s the unconscious mind. We’re all afraid of the dark inside ourselves…”


The Kazbah page has been possesed by an evil which cannot be stopped, cannot be contained…

…only purchased.

Check out some of the season’s creepings that a few of our favorite Kazbah rockers have offered up over the past couple weeks:



It could be a hot debate over who bodied more suckers in his heyday – Julius Caesar or Jason Vorhees? Caesar had rivers flowing red with the blood of his enemies throughout his reign as Roman Emperor, but we can only assume that he had his legions carry out the dirty work. Jason, however, was one dude that loved to get in work on a personal level. Whether simultaneously running a fuckin’ spear through a couple of humping, horny teenagers or simply utilizing the trusty machete-to-the-face manuver, that was one dude who simply loved his job. It looks as though District 81 agrees with The Caesar Tee.



From the inksters at To Die For is The Creaper Tee showing that no matter what the medium, the reaper is to be feared, no matter what lame prog-rock bands tell you. Hyper-detailed, bold and bursting with more color than that dude’s head in Scanners, this is one frighteningly fresh tee you’ll wanna rock long after Halloween passes.


Sailor's Grave

“There was young Nat Swaine, once the bravest boat-header out of all Nantucket and the Vineyard; he joined the meeting, and never came to good. He got so frightened about his plaguy soul, that he shrinked and sheered away from the whales, for fear of after-claps, in case he got stove and went to Davy Jones.”

While it’s not quite on the horror movie jones, drowning scares the living shit out of us. I mean, call us what you will, but even looking at The Sailor’s Grave Tee by our peoples at Schmack causes panic attacks and forces us to swear allegiance to dry land forever.


The Cartoon Network Tee

Exactly how we remember ‘em from Saturday mornings as young’ns (we were pretty fucked-up lil’ kids). The Cartoon Network Tee by Subconscious Threads features all of your old animated favorites from back in the day, but we can’t spoil the surprise by telling you who is who – but if you can tell Subcon correctly, there’s a free shirt in it for you.


The Mother Mary Tee

Dios Mio. Muerte con el e.5.charlie es muy… um, evil. The Mother Mary Tee – we love it.

The Zombie Koozie

And what Halloween party is complete without your own – yep – a fuckin’ ZOMBIE KOOZIE. Dom and the e.5 crew kill it again… literally. And again… and again… but it keeps coming back…

Check out these gems and more gore over at the Kazbah page… and stay out of the dark…


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