Grab this Gravis, pt. I




Gravis came through BIG TIME with a killer, late-summer drop here at Karmaloop. So big, in fact, it couldn’t possibly fit in just one measley blog – we’re gonna run y’all through the sneakers today, then check back as we carry you through Gravis’ highly-anticipated new line of backpacks, travel, messenger and DJ bags tomorrow (call us Christopher Rios, ‘cuz we’re killin’ it with the big puns today).

Rooted in skate, snow and surf culture with heavy emphasis on the art of it all, Gravis places an unwavering focus on product research, development and attention to detail with every single line of footwear, bags and luggage these folks put out. Nothing different with this summer line, except for… well, just about everything.

We’ve always been some of the first heads to co-sign the absolute freshness that is The Lowdown Hi-Cut models, while The Cortex Hi‘s (above, top row left) and Indo Sneakers (above, top row right) have always been stalwarts in our collective, cluttered, insanity-inducing closet. But with the release of The Indo Hi debuts (above, bottom row right), we’re gonna have some re-shuffling to do in the near future. The fold-down, cuffable hi-top adds a dimension we never even knew existed to the traditional hi-top, taking one of the best features of classic Chuck Taylor Hi models and giving it a signature Gravis twist – this time around, a whole new brown plaid colorway to rock to death from now until the snow falls. We officially give you permission to tweak these up with your laces du jour to match the gold, toffee, blue and gray these gems have workin’ for ‘em.

Not to be outdone, Gravis favorite The Lowdown Hi-Cut (bottom row, below) presents some new looks that have us goin’ off like Biz Mark, including the first wax-coating we’ve seen on kicks. Your favorite denims, bags, and even buttondowns have received the wax treatment like Brazilian bikini models, and Gravis is the first to apply it to a set of fresh canvas sneakers. So damned hot, we’re wondering how they haven’t melted yet…



Click the banner below to take a closer look at the Gravis summer drop, and get yourself a sneak preview of the backpacks and bags we’ll cover tomorrow – got a favorite? Leave a comment and let us know what you’re liking most and we’ll show some love!



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