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One of the true pioneer brands in the streetwear market, Freshjive has been doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it well since 1989 when designer/founder Rick Klotz, influenced by punk rock, hip hop, skating, surfing and breaking high-fashion, began combining those favorite things with political, sociological and outright hilarious images in his own twisted mold.

Some 20 years later, the punk / hip hop vibe remains plenty apparent in each Freshjive drop. Funky as summer feet with vibes brash and abrasive enough for GG Allin, each drop is guaranteed to hold something for degenerates of all walks of life. The “fuck you” to consumerism and “Made in America” faux-pride with The China Tee is ’bout as subtle as a swift kick to the babymakers, while The Devil Throws Up Tee, with it’s sketch so bad that it’s simply amazing, rails against fundamentalists, Jesus freaks, and, well, Jesus. Rock on, lock on, Satan! \m/

With it’s roots in surf and skate culture in particular, you know Freshjive denims gotta be tough. But as any tough guy worth his weight knows, you have to look fresh, too – and Freshjive has got that covered. We’re especially stoked on the minty green stitching throughout both of the latest black and raw blue Selvedge Denims, the signature stitching detail at the back left and coin pockets, custom leather belt patch and the crucial, easy-access quick-escape button fly (we pee a lot).



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