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Our dudes at Flüd came through once again with yet another clean, innovative and simply unfuckwithable line of watches for the winter, sure to heat up whatever climate you’re stuck in.

Established in 2007 by a few good dudes deeply rooted in the streetwear arms-accessory race, Flüd Watches began as an effort to bring the watch back to its rightful place as the ultimate accessory with a goal to create unique, fresh timepieces minus the price tag or douchebagishness that goes along with most high-end watches. Just a couple years and some killer lines later, we would say “mission accomplished,” but the Flüd crew is not one to rest on it’s collective ass.

Flüd pieces have been seen on a wide array of folks in and around the sports and entertainment industries, including professional ballers Ron Artest and Corey “Homocide” Williams, skateboarding legend Stevie Williams, hip hop icons Grandmaster Flash, Grandmaster Caz, Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Jazzy Joyce, as well as rising stars Mickey Factz, Curren$y, Charles Hamilton, Keri Hilson, Joell Ortiz, Black Milk, Amanda Diva, and Joe Budden, not to mention radio and television personalities Angela Yee, Dee Vasquez, Lord Sear, Cipha Sounds, JoJo Simmons, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Teddy Ted, DJ Kay Slay, DJ Drama and DJ Green Lantern… shit, with co-signers like that, who needs advertising?

Highlighting the winter drop are a couple collaborations from the Far East, The Tableturns collaboration with RockSmith and The Cartridge effort with heralded Japanese artist Yasumasa Yonehara.

Photography junkies are sure to recognize Yonehara’s name, but for those of you unfamiliar with the man and his work, just look at an American Apparel advertisement – each is a watered-down version of his photographic brilliance featuring far less-desirable models wearing shitty clothes. Want proof?

“I was in Japan with Hiroshi, our Japanese distributor, and he and his wife are old friends with Yone,” said Doug Cohen of Flüd. “They brought me to his lab and we just built on it. Yone is an incredibly cool guy and we just hung out – he was really hospitable and he’s obviously a genius. He sent us the flicks, we did our thing and that was really it.”


The finished product, in both white and red colorways, features Yonehara’s work for a Diesel campaign a few years back. Intertwined legs in fishnet stockings fill the band and the face displays Yonehara’s signature stamp, making this joint a must for any photo nerd or sucker for sexiness.

The update to one of Flüd’s most popular designs, The Tableturns Watch, is now available in swank brown and bronze and killer all-black colorways with a RockSmith x Flüd commemorative emblem on the deck – destined to be a hit with b-boys across the globe from Tokyo to Texas.

“Rocksmith are the homeys,” Cohen added. “The entire RS team are some of the coolest guys in the business, bar none. We had wanted to do a limited edition Tableturns for a while, and RS’s hip hop vibe is similar to ours, so it just made perfect sense. They freaked the interlocking RockSmith x Flüd logo and the rest is hopefully on your wrist!”


Flüd came through in a big way this winter, and there’s plenty more on the brand’s page, including welcome tweaks to The Big Ben Watch with interchangable silver and gold and leather bands, and more colorways than a box of Crayolas on the Negative Space, Exchange and new THN models. Click the banner below to check ‘em out!



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