The Fall of OBEY


Killin’ it!

We’re always stoked when the latest Obey drops hit ‘Loop Headquarters, but this fall drop is simply beyond words. Shepard & Co. really stepped it up a notch, which is really bizarre to write, considering the quality, craftsmanship, and insane attention to detail that goes into each garment as if it were a piece of Fairey’s highly-acclaimed art.


Loyal customers know that when it comes to jackets for all seasons, Obey is absolutely unfuckwithable; no different with this fall line. Obey’s military jackets of seasons-past were built for the front line soldiers, embracing the grimy, street-level aesthetic. This year’s Make Art Not War Jacket is for the heads committed to the look, but for all of you generals running shit from the base, The Iggy Jacket (above left) is your shit. Built with an ultra-soft cotton composition, it’s heavy, durable, tough – and at the same time, soft to the touch and not too hard on the eyes with the fresh gray color and silver accents at the zippers and snap buttons.

As for The Rapture Jacket (above right)… fucking hell, we’re just at a loss for words. Substituting leather for a 100% polyvinyl chloride shell you get the satisfaction knowing that you’re not draped in dead animal and the reassurance that a quick swipe of a damp cloth removes any dirt, grime, slime and sludge you may encounter throughout your travels. We’re quite big on rocking slim hoodies under our jackets, and Obey has us covered here as well, with a cotton/poly blend hoodie & sleeve interior adding comfort and warmth to an already killer look. And, in case you’re wondering – we copped ours already. Suggest you do the same, because this banger is destined to be The Lamb of God Jacket of the fall.


Cardigan. Not only is it fun to say, but have you ever tried one on? You know they’re versatile and comfortable, but admittedly, the old man look is hard to shake with most of ‘em. Obey’s Black Sheep Cardigan (again, no animal products – love the irony in the title) takes that misconception to task, altering the button pattern and exaggerating the collar for added flyness,while keeping the fit slim without cutting off circulation or ending the waist above the bellybutton. Fuck hoodies, this is where it’s at for the fall (just kidding, hoodies, we still love you… but who likes pizza for every meal anyways?).

p.s. The Nelson Jacket (above left) is a slayer. It’s a lighter version of The Iggy Jacket that can easily double as a shirt, and with a hoodie underneath, you’ve got an instant option for those glorious fall afternoons spent blazing at the park.


Pearl Jam and grunge as a whole sucks, but hey, if it wasn’t for lead singer Eddie Vedder, the globe’s love affair with the buttondown might have never made out, smashed, broke up, and then started dating again, circa now. The buttondown is back, you bastards, and Obey’s got the right cut, innovative patterns and colorways for all. The Vedder Buttondown (above left) is our pick, but be sure to check The Hometown Buttondown, a mini-buffalo plaid take, and The Hirsch Buttondown, featuring a plaid of varying reds with stark white accents. Ho-leeeeee-shit.

And to all our scumbags, shady elements and all-around dirty motherfuckers out there: it’s not so bad to flash a lil’ class once in a while. Cover up that pretty, wonderful, filthy, blood- and beer-stained Circle Jerks tee with The Steel Rail Vest on occasion and pull off the William Burroughs-in-a-sober-moment look. Trust us, it pulls in more bumper than a body shop.


Obey tees are always intense. Shepard has been working overtime on the new designs, and the graphics above and below are just a sample of the madness he’s been cooking up between arrests, heralded art exhibitions and creating more polarizing portraits. Check it.


Always an attraction to each Obey drop are the accessories each season. Do yourself a favor, stop procrastinating and jump the gun on some crucials for the upcoming chilliness. We’ve got gloves, scarves and beanies for days, but these gems typically run out faster than one of Usain Bolt’s flawless sprints, so get on it.



This was a monster drop by the Obey Posse, and Karmaloop’s got your only hook-up for the best our fam has to offer. Click the banner below to the get a closer look at the rest of the drop.



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