Fake Fabric Factory Presents: Juxtapose Art Show

Saturday 27th 5-10pm

Fort Point
319 A Street
South Boston, MA

Top level (4th floor of large loft building) food by local restaurateurs, selected bar featuring Red Bull & Stolichnaya Vodka

Elevator art installation with models and first serving of Red Bull & flavored Stolichnaya Vodka, bracelets and ID’s checked against guest list

A fundraiser for up and coming Fashion Line (based from successful Fake Fabric Clothing line by Marco Heino)

Movers and Shakers who own clothing lines, designers, musicians, real estate developers, technology entrepreneurs, fashion retail stores and hair salons for a short list of industries represented

150-200 INVITE ONLY attendees, to provide a artistic environment for networking and promoting individual artists lines of jewelry, clothing, and media art pieces

Art showing and themed levels

Street level private alley, ‘bum cans’ and imitation ‘bums’ with 40 oz, and grilled food over fire

Fire breather & other performance artists

Full photography coverage candid shots of the attendees, ‘photo booth style’ (by Hesh Johnson, Hesh Photo, heshphoto.com) posing station, and Polaroids in the freight elevator for the way out posted on the wall

Photos and media to be posted online for vendor records and easy access to account for the event

50’s style elevator attendant and cigarette candy vendor/bathroom attendant

Media coverage by the Weekly Dig (weeklydig.com), Stuff @ Night (stuffatnight.com) and possibly another local art paper

Professional DJ music provided by DJ B Star (vinylpurist.com), Alan Manzi (Make it New, Jump Don’t Jump), John Brerera (A-KULT, http://www.myspace.com/akultdisco) and a live Saxophone player suspended in the elevator shaft next to the active elevator

Networking assistance and greetings by Daniel Moore of Secure Networks (securenetcorp.com) and SeaWire Networks (seawirenetworks.com)

Contact for organizer: fakefabricfactory@gmail.com


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