Blood Diamonds


Diamond Supply Co. is back at The ‘Loop with a quick summer drop, and all indications show that it’s going to be one damned hot autumn.

Birthed in 1998 catering to the skateboard set worldwide, Diamond Supply Co. made it’s name in the streetwear market in 2005 with the Nike x Diamond Supply Co. Diamond Tiffany Dunk SB, widely considered to be the most hyped and sought-after shoe in Nike history. And with everyone from skateboarders Kareem Campbell, Terry Kennedy and Eric Koston to hip hop luminaries Lil’ Wayne and Lupe Fiasco co-signing the brand’s fresh tees and historical collaborations, the hype behind each Diamond drop is well deserved.

Still fiercely loyal to the deck-pushers out there, The Diamond 4 Life Tee (above right) features the Diamond logo with a skull-skate-and-rosary graphic print overlay – skate or die, muhfuckas. Whether you’re an active miscreant thrashing church stairwells, police barricades and public fountains raising hell like some of us out here, or an old, broken-down rider nursing never-quite-healed broken bones (like the rest of us), once a skateboarder always a skateboarder. The attitude, style and balls-out outlook on life never quite leaves you after a few years in the game, and this is the tee for those cats. Posers – yeah, you can have one, too. It’s just gonna cost you double.

Rumor has it, Bernie Madoff was rocking The NY Diamond Life Tee under his suit paid for with the blood and tears of the people he defrauded for billions of dollars since 1991 at his ultimate sentencing last month… sike. Less tongue-in-cheek and more fist-in-face, this tee perfectly sums up our frustrations not knowing what’s happening with our loot behind closed doors and beneath Ponzi schemes – or, hell, celebrates your very own posh life, Mr. Moneybags. Whatever the case, the tiffany blue print on white composition presents more class than a wet fart in a crowded elevator, and far more funk.

Going back to the early-90’s on The Classic Surf and Street Script Tees – those of you waking up at the break of dawn to crush waves before work or school will recognize the Billabong influence on the Classic Surf logo and print, while those you shredding the concrete waves will no doubt recognize the vintage Santa Cruz reference within the Street Script print. Ah, man… those good ol’ days (before “real life,” a.k.a. the time everyone starts driving cars and forgets about their decks)…


Check out the rest of the Diamond Supply Co. drop at Karmaloop here


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