It’s Pronounced, “Roo-Kah”

First and foremost, a big, long-overdue “HEEEYYYYYY” to our customer service team. These bummy dudes and bomb chicks are Karmaloop’s soldiers on the front line, doing everything from greeting you with their angelic voices to solving your problems better than alcohol ever could, all the while becoming so well-versed in our products and vendors that the mispronunciation of titles attached to certain companies and particular items does not even faze them a bit… while they’re sober, at least.

Greatest Hits:

1.) LRG = “Lurge” (L-R-G)

2.) Triumvir = “Tree-oom-veer” (Try-um-vur)

3.) Orisue = “Oh-riss-eww” (Ooh-ree-sue)

4.) BLVCK SCVLE = “Blivick Skivle” (Black Scale)

RVCA is perhaps the most infamous mispronounced company on the site. We’ve heard everything from “riv-kah,” to “R-V-C-A,” to our all-time favorite, “arv-kay.” But we don’t hate you for mispronouncing the names – in fact, we not only love you for it, we all do it ourselves on the daily. So, for the record, the name is pronounced “ROO-KAH,” and while we’re on the record here, we’re also going to state that this shit is pure motherfucking hellfire-melted gold spun into the most wonderfully fitting tees, denims and buttondowns imaginable. For serious.



This latest drop from the Costa Mesa, California set is pure madness. Staying true to it’s skate and surf roots, RVCA hit us with an entire drop of tough, gritty, yet undeniably comfortable gear to rock year ’round. Artists they are, innovation is a key element to the RVCA potion – when was the last time you had seen a corduroy hat (The Fowler Hat, top left) that wasn’t covering the bald dome of some midlife-crisis suffering douchebag in an overcompensating convertible? Jacking the look from the golf link gangs for the gold link rockers, RVCA has successfully transitioned the corduroy look from dumbassy to classy.

One of our favorite things about RVCA is the effortless ability to keep it simple and still shine like diamonds on top of aluminum foil at the beach. The plaid pattern of The Killya Buttondown (above, bottom right) is basic in nature, but at closer glance, deeper than Davey Jones’ locker. The green lines tucked into the black composition make the orange and red stand out like a boner in track pants, while the slim fit keeps you from looking like your 8th grade shop class teacher.

Since the drop last week, The Romero Pants have been copped by damn near everyone in the office – for damned good reason, since these joints feature a perfect fit, durable build and soft-as-baby-shit 98% cotton, 2% spandex composition. Not to mention that these are signature denims that have been battle-tested by the likes of RVCA pro rider Leo Romero – shit, if they’re tough enough for one of The Death Junkies, they’re tough enough for you too, Nancy (be sure to check out the black, corduroy and stretch twill versions).


Check out the rest of RVCA’s summer drop, including more hats, tees, tops, denims, shorts and accessories (including the Magic Wallet and Halford Belt, above) at Karmaloop here.


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