Back from Tokyo

Its been just about over a week since I arrived back from my Tokyo tour.
Things are starting to get busy again. First off more new works in the horizon.

There are acouple of pieces that didn’t make it for the Tokyo shows so I hope to have those ready soon. In the meantime I thought you would get a kick out of this photo below. I was goin through my old stuff and found this journal I made back in grade 3… who says that video games make people violent?

1989 EEPMON's Journal
1989 EEPMON's Journal

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 1989
Yesterday I traded back Double Dragon. And I got back Bubble Bobble.
Did you know that I won Double Dragon? I did! First I jump kicked him two times. Then hair pull him three times. Then I elbowed him two times.
Then I killed him!

Eric Chan

Eric Chan

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