Rocksmith At Bread&Butter Summer 08


The Guys at Kilo International are back from an insane trip to Barcelona for this summer’s Bread&Butter.

Big thanks to BBB and Philip for inviting us to show at this year’s exhibition. The guys had a chance to be with our Spanish family at 24Kilates and shred til 7am just to get busy at 10 sharp to break bread. No games, it was Business for Rocksmith & Kilo down to meetings on the beach. To all our peoples who burned it down big shouts:

Pol & Ricky (24Kilates), TrustNobody, Bamba (Quim & Isra), Caliroots, High Snobiety, Mike (Frank 151), Kareem & Lambo (L&D), Rubio, Robin (A Cut Above), Marlon (Sneaktip), Matt R, Random Girls from Belgium, KDU, MOB, Joey & Crew (Amsterdam Club Kids), Philip (BBB), A-Game, Jeremy (Undrcrwn), and the Girls that Live Under Joaquim.

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