oh baby you, you got what i need

last tuesday (1 22) i met biz markie at hiro ballroom.

he was wearing three chains. i was wearing three chains. for a moment we stood and gave each other the look-over. i saw he had on a small iced-out pencil with pink stones for the eraser. he saw i had on a gold cassette tape, our collaboration with rocksmith tokyo.

when biz made it clear that he wanted my chain, i did what anyone would’ve done and gave it to him. i told him we’d have to adjust the length of the chain and make it custom (biz is a BIG GUY) but he insisted on rocking the chain during his set. he spent the next few minutes squeezing the chain over his face. with some persuasion and extra love, he got the chain around his neck and was on ones and twos by the end of the night.

a lesson on persistence from the legendary biz markie. thanks for the shout, biz!

one happy biz

one happy biz

biz live

biz set no. 2

Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl

Diamond Girl

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  1. nice…

    B I Z is a classic

    I wonder if he still has the one house to live in
    & another house for his records, toys & other goods…

  2. great abridged version. full length version even more dope!! sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to rock the goods!

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