Mixtape Club


Any one who makes their bread & butter from animating for networks & music videos is good peoples to me. Not only are resident artists Chris Smith, Jesse Casey, & Michelle Higa the members of Mixtape Club, but they also:

love Jaydee & Dada
throw creative food competitions
& have an intergalactic space hound named Porterhouse.

I photographed Norah Jones’ dog at their last BK back yard BBQ. She reads my blog so I can’t say what I really feel about her but I like her pup & hope it finds a new home.

If you like the idea of Friends With You meets Jan Svankmejer than you will like Mixtape Club’s work. Just check out their last music video for Yeasayer which screened at BAM’s Animation Block Party. I hooked you up extra special with the commentary:

So what’s next for Mixtape Club? I had the honor of previewing their newest music video for My Morning Jacket at their at-home screening. The video’s still unreleased so I’ll leave you in suspense but be on the look out for it! It’s mind-fucking awesome.

xx dg

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