Kizaemon Saiga

On New Year’s Eve 2007 millions of Japanese viewers tuned in to watch one of the most anticipated fights of the year, K-1’s Dynamite Premium event. Among the competitors that night were amateur fighters in the Under 18 category, including newcomer Kizaemon Saiga who made a deadly introduction and officially started his professional career at age 17. Now, six-time world Karate Champion Saiga has abandoned his underdog status and is Japan’s youngest titleholder and K-1’s next rising prize fighter.

Saiga is photographed above for Rocksmith Tokyo in the December issue of Woofin’ Magazine wearing the Sno Life Boarding Jacket and Just Doin’ It Tee.

Below, he wears the Slash Leather Jacket and Treeburner Flannel.

Photography by Akira Matsumoto
Styling by Shintaro Kurokawa
Special thanks to Rocksmith Japan & The Life Entertainment.

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