Book signing at Helenbeck, NYC

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Henry and Marty…


Mare 139, Fable, Crazy Legs…

Crash One
“From colorful faux wall paper, to Marvel Comics, this was my youth. New York in the 60's had a life all its own. And being a child of the 60's, colors made such an impression on me that I rely on these memories to bring me to my work today. Whether is was an escape from the toughness of my neighborhoods, or an explosive imagination, drawing and painting was a launch pad that would change my life. My Favorite artists that I visually and immediately felt an attachement to were Jasper Johns, James Rosenquist, Roy Lichtenstein, all the abstract expressionists, Van Gogh and others. To me there was a heavy influence in my work that pushed the boundaries of what I thought could be communicated through spray paint... I believe that if you pour your heart into your work it will show. Well, how about pouring your heart into your work, and letting your imagination take you beyond its limits? Isn't that what being a child was all about? And, I still believe that if you give in to your imagination, and pour your heart into your work, you can't lose!" Crash...2009
Crash One

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