Bigfoot 1 X The North Face collection

Hello to all the humans out there,,,!
Behold the Bigfoot x The North Face Collection !!bf-tnf
The key elements are the classic silhouettes from The North Face,such as
the Balaclava Hoodie and Venture shell jacket,combined
with some of my most iconic symbols and illustrations,to produce a message
of the power of nature.The concept behind the design of this collection is to produce articles to
make the wearer feel like they have entered an enchanted forest sanctuary,where they can become a Bigfoot and hold the power of the green lightning.The connection between Bigfoot and The North Face is the exploration of nature.The Bigfoots are masters of the forest,and in order for humans to explore at least a small percent of the forest,the right clothing and gear is needed to endure the elements and bring people closer to nature.I see this collaboration as a great match up between me and The North Face.I am excited for the people to have pieces from this collection to cherish,that will last a long time,and to help them experience nature.

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