Town Hall: May 5th 6:30 PM at Toronto City Hall


Would you support?

* An historic 53% increase to the annual municipal funding available to all artists, festivals and arts institutions?
* And, close to $100 000.00 dollars for public realm improvement for each Toronto ward including projects such as greening every year?
* As well, as over $300 000.00 annually for each of the 13 priority neighbourhoods to fund accessible youth arts programming?
* Topped by hiring 17 dedicated officers to enforce the new billboard bylaw and collect fines?

Sound like a dream? It is…but Toronto City Council is voting on it anyway on June 2nd and early July. These numbers proposing potential usage are taken from a mid-range estimate of revenues from the billboard charge, currently being worked on by city staff. The / BCBF proposal would see revenues from this tax or fee on billboards dedicated to art in the public sphere.

You can make this future possible! Please attend the Town Hall to ask questions, find out more and show City Councillors and the media that there is serious weight behind this proposal.

Toronto City Hall
100 Queen St. West
Tuesday May 5th
Committee Room 2 (Second floor)
6:30-9 PM

Presented by Manifesto Community Projects, the Toronto Youth Cabinet, Youth Action Network, CYAN and the BCBF (Beautiful City Billboard Fee) Alliance as part of International Youth Week. Suggest possible agenda items regarding youth, art and public space for consideration at:
agenda items

Need this to Happen?
Seven Easy Steps…
1. Find out more, circulate / sign the petition and volunteer: bcbf
2. Send examples, favourites or images of what ‘art in the public sphere’ / ‘public art’ means to you to: townhall Send jpgs at 800w x 600h pixels max please. Images will be projected during the town hall.
3. Send City Staff a quick message saying that you ‘support the idea of a dedicated tax on billboards for art’
sign by law Personalize it with a message of what art can do for Toronto!
4. Call and invite your local Councillor, find out who at: tell them Tell them you think ‘a dedicated tax on billboards for art and enforcement is a [insert superlative!] idea’
5. Join the Alliance facebook group and invite your friends: invite friends
6. Write a piece or send the press release to your favourite journalist:
7. Attend the Town Hall on May 5th and please, please (please) forward this message to at least 7 people.

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