Vinyl Cast: Toypunks, Super7 Book, UNKL, Monsterism Island


Toypunks: Vol.1
Toypunks is an in-depth investigation into the Japanese vinyl toy culture. It features exclusive interviews with the founders of the scene and helps explain the link between Japanese punk rock and horror toys. The movie features the members of the horror punk band Balzac, and designers from Bounty Hunter, Secret Base, Frank Kozik and more. This is just Volume 1, film makers Christopher Nelson, Carl Wormley and Justin Kovalsky intend to make Toypunks a regular series, or an “episodic documentary” to use their own words.


Super 7 – The Book
For those who might not know, Super7 is a magazine that concerns itself with Japanese toys and sci-fi culture. The Super7 store now sells The Super 7 book, which has five sections that cover the major Japanese kaiju creating companies from the grand daddy’s Toho and Astro Mu, to the more modern punk rock offshoot designer labels like Secret Base and RealxHead. Most of the book is made up of lush catalogue photos of these succulent vinyl beauties that will disprove anyone who dares deny the existence of the vinyl fetish. The book also contains interviews, checklists and background stories to accompany each label.


UNKL x Kow Yokoyama : MakPo
UNKL and Kow Yokoyama are finally getting ready to release their collaborative project that was only hinted at last year. It seems like a proper marriage of style and aesthetics.
Both designers carry a certain minimalistic military style, UNKL being more cartoonish and Kow having more of a vintage World War II edge. The toy features a TinPo that sits in a giant robot MakPo suit with articulated arms, legs and a cockpit. MakPo is planned to drop at the SDCC 2008.


Monsterism Island, Vol.4
It is said that pets tend to grow up to resemble their owners. Did you ever wonder if the same is true in the vinyl world? Well guess what, it is on Pete Fowler’s Monster Island. Volume 4 comes packaged in funky pet food cans, and apparently includes some ‘fun’ assembly.

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