Vinyl Cast Six (Deathnote, T9G, Wagamo, Peter Fowler)


Deathnote Nendoroids

Produced by Good Smile Company, the Deathnote Nendoroids series displays its four members. Released in July 2007, Light Yagami and Death Ryuk are joined here by L and Misa Amane who will be released in September. The Nendoroids juxtapose cute with creepy and offer interchangeable heads with different facial expressions for each figure. With the exception of Ryuk, who comes with two, all of the characters come with four heads. These will most likely be available at Anime and Manga specific stores, as opposed to regular vinyl spots, so search online or check different distribution channels if you’re interested in purchasing them.



T9G x Devilrobots Evirob 2007

Known for helping artists like Devilrobots and Touma turn their illustrations into full forms, Japanese artist and sculptor T9G shows off his take on the Devilrobots Evirob figure. T9G reinterprets the already dark Evirob in an even rough form and adds his trademark round doll eyes behind the mask, making the Evirob creepier than before. Released in Japan, Evirob 2007 is available at several retailers worldwide.



Wagamo Vinyl Monster

Designed by Jean-Marie Sauve, and manufactured by Kaijubento, WAGAMO is a five-inch monster who looks like a close cousin of The Simpsons aliens Kang and Kodos. Priced at $20 USD, there are two colorways currently planned – green and black – limited to 500 pieces, each. These pieces are scheduled to drop in early September 2007.



Pets and Their Owners
Peter Fowler escapes the monster mash with prototypes for his Monsterism Series 4, Pets and Owners. Produced by Playbeast, the series consists of eight different figure sets, each including an owner and a pet. Ranging from two to four inches in height and blind boxed in pet food packaging. The series is set to be released in autumn 2007.


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