Vinyl Cast Seven (Toy Karma, Cap’n Bounch, Transformers MP3, Samuel Flores, Frank Kozik)


Toy Karma – Chicago, Sept. 8
The first Toy Karma show and auction is being hosted in Chicago this year and will focus on the Japanese Kaiju monsters. The following artists, and more will be featured: Bear Model, Tim Biskup, Blobpus, CCP, Chanmen, Bob Conge, Ralph Cosentino, Cronic, Dream Rockets, Bob Eggleton, Carlos Enriquez, Far East Monsters, Steve Forde (Go Hero), Gargamel, Koji Harmon, Rae Huo, RealHead, Rumble Monsters, Kotope, Frank Kozik, Jing Lee, Mark Nagata, Jimbo Matison, Mark Miyake, Joshua Ellingson, Martin Ontiveros, Bwana Spoons, Alex Wald, and Zakka.

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Silly Thing Toy Corp x Bounty Hunter : Cap’n Bounch
If there is a god father figure in the modern vinyl toy industry, then it is Cap’n Bounch. The Cap’n was one of the first molds (along with Kid Hunter) made by those crazy boys at Silly Thing and Bounty Hunter, first made popular through t-shirt prints. The new colourways include a red and a black version.

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Takara Transformers MP3 Player
Takara, the distributors of the popular Japanese Transformers series, has released, in true otaku style, a transformable MP3 player version of Soundwave that comes with (optional purchase) transforming headphones even! Reminds me a hell of a lot back in the 80’s when the coolest kids on the block had the Transformer watches. The players run on SD cards which means that they are easily upgradeable and delivers about 6 hrs on a AAA sized battery.


Billy Bronze “Samuel Flores” Edition
Sam Flores is doing the cool thing to do these days, and that is release a vinyl figure with his latest art book collection. This version of the classic Billy Bronze figure from the Get Small artist series comes with a super bright pink mask and kicks to match the pink book cover, along with detailed bronzen skin.


Smorkin’ Labbits Vol. 3
Just when you thought you couldn’t smork no more, Smorkin Labbits Vol. 3 are here to remind us that even plastic rabbits suck back on cancer sticks. The real question is why do they do it? Is it to stay slim? To fit in with the ‘in’ crowd ? I really don’t know but god damn these are some sexy labbits, I’ll tell you that much.

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