Vinyl Cast: Ledbetter, Dr. Bao, Nathan J, Tim Tsui, Feelgood Project



Adfunture x Ledbetter: Samhain Teddy Troops
Adfunture, the internationally based design team, has teamed up with Joe Ledbetter to knock out these spooky troops. It seems a logical progression for Joe’s off the wall forest friends to be featured with the militant teddy bears. The Samhain (Halloween) edition stands 10’’ high and is probably the most detailed Teddy Troop to date. These guys will be an instant collector’s item, limited to 500 pieces. You can grab him at $100 US (shipping included) starting on Oct. 31 at


Dr. Bao & Spive – Thriller tribute
Dr. Bao and Spive are two awesome guys that never cease to amaze me. This three figure set was thrown together in under a week for a design competition. The model bases used were Raving Rabbids from Ubisoft. The guys must have ended up looking a bit like MJ by the end of it, given all the late nights of detailing. Oh the thrills, the thrills!


Nathan J x Bigshot Toyworks x MTV Canada
This is kind of weird but Nathan Jurvicious, of Scary Girl, has recently released a series of Kaiju that were produced for a mysterious MTV Canada project called Fauna. I was really surprised to know this being Canadian and all. I’ve still never heard of this Fauna thing. Not that I really want my MTV that bad, but this project is still pretty cool. The whole set is available at


3 Ft. Da Minci @ Tim Tsui Solo Show
These could be the apes to destroy all apes, vinyl apes at least. The two models were made for Tim Tsui’s first solo US art show at the Mixi-Bang! Shop in Cali. Lots of fun stuff was featured, including tin-robot style Mncis and various ‘hero’ Mncis like Batman or Kamen rider. Also were special show tee’s by GrayOne. See more photos at

Feelgood Project, Nanospore video

This isn’t quite vinyl but it’s vinyl related. It’s a video animation made by Nanospore, fine purveyors and designers of Qee’s, models, t-shirts and other fun stuffs. Highlights include a toilet paper roll crushing on a piece of poo. It doesn’t get much better than this. Originally released at the FeelGood Project 2007.

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