Vinyl Cast Issue Three (Yoshi . CI Boyz . Ninja Bear . Worryknott)


Yoshi Series Doll by One Up
This series was created by Yoshi, one of Japan’s most famous electronic artists. He is famous for using Corel to create electronic images to accompany his television and commercial productions. Now, he releases a series of vinyl toys with One Up and Gill. “My three-dimensional characters are created through a harmonious combination of beauty, ludicrousness and comicality. I love to create roles that give them a strong impression. I have a big interest in 3D animation and vinyl dolls. And, [I] also want to participate in their future production,” says Yoshi.



CI Boys X Cupco
The hilarious geniuses behind Cupco link up with CI Boys to release the Black and White Series. The series uses sharp contrasts and rich colors, drawing heavily from animal influences and Asian mythology. Cupco is famous for creating highly detailed plush dolls that capture the vector art most used in the vinyl toys. Visit for more information.

Info.Image: BASARADANvinylc3_ninjabear.jpg

Ninja Bear
Despite their ruthless, hot blooded mantra, “We kill each other,” the Ninja Bears are quite cheerful chaps, according to their Taiwanese creator, Finger. When not munching on Onigiri, usually, they are found rocking to reggae with their katanas on the streets of Taipei. Art from the Ninja Bears draws on themes of isolation and depression caused by urban sprawl. Made from PVC, they stand seven-inches high.

Info.Image: BASARADAN 


Worryknott Sculpture
This 5 x 4 x 3″, bottom signed, desk-top sculpture looks something like turds mating, but it’s meant to be an expression of what can happen when you forget to take a time out and just breathe. The sculpture collaboration is between Jon Burgerman and Stuart Witter of the Lowlife collective (UK).


The Best Desk Toys Ever: A Productivity-Boosting Guide for Executives with Big Desks and Plenty of Slack in their Schedules
The Best Desk Toys Ever is a book what wannabe hipsters and suburbanite squares play with at their executive desks. I’d much rather be inspired by my not so interactive vinyl toy collection at my work station than most of these bits of crap, but there are some cool ones like the Fly Catcher, a plastic Super Mario-style plant that sits with its jaws open and actually catches flies! The toy uses chemical-free bait at the bottom of the trap to lure insects. Two sensors detect bugs that activate the jaws to shut and swat the insect dead. After done eating the insects, the mouth reopens and burps. A small brush for cleaning bug guts is provided! By Chuck Doyle, The Lyons Press; 2003

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