Vinyl Cast Issue Four (Attaboy, Pushead, Nathan Kaiju, Gwin Army, Feel Good Project)


Attaboy x High-Fructose
Holy flying vampire monkeys! Attaboy is selling off his evil minions at $300 a pop, at the SDCC. I’m sure these beauties are well worth the cost. Hand made arts being a hot commodity these days. I hate having the same Ikea bullshit that everyone else has, anyways. Figures include a handmade box, specially designed display stand, hand painted lid and a stacking base.

Info.Image: Vinyl Pulse


Rust Pirate by Pushead
Pushead is Brian Schroeder, an artist, writer and punk label owner, known for his album covers with Metallica and the Misfits. Now that the dark days of head banging glory are fading he’s turning more to the underground toy scene designing figures with Super7 and KAWS. This year at the SDCC, he introduces the Rust Pirate, a drooling, oozing, fetid piece of monstrosity.

Info.Image: Vinyl Pulse


Nathan Jurivicious Kaiju
After the release of Scary Girl, Australian born, Toronto resident, Nathan Jurivicious is releasing a series of Kaiju figures. Readers of this column will know that Kaiju are the little monsters so well known in Japanese TV and mythology. Our world would be such a boring place if it wasn’t for their intergalactic invasions. Kaiju, we salute you!

Image: Vinyl Abuse


Gwin Army: Series 3
You may be down with the Dunny, but do you get the Gwin? The Gwin is a model base released by October Toys, that is famous for inviting artists to make their own abstract renditions. Gwin is short for penguin, but many of their designs end up looking nothing like the actual birds, which is why I think they are pretty cool. This new series launching at the SDCC features work by Squidboy, Lou Pimentel, HideousBoi, Jim Koch and Bill Riley.

Info.Image: Octobertoys


Feel Good Project 3, August 11, 2007: TAIPEI
The Feel Good Project is a non-profit charity event that is already in its third year of activation. This year’s event will feature stunning graphic art and animation from world class artists such as Wrongwroks, Nanospore, John Burgerman, Monsters Monsters and many more! The event will take place at the SPOT theatre in downtown Taipei, a host to many international film festivals. All proceeds go to the Orbis charity, which helps to lessen unnecessary blindness in the world.

Info.image: Feelgoodproject

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