Vinyl Cast: ESC, Ashley Wood, Zac Pac, House of Liu


ESC Old Skool Kaiju series – DIZIGN
Erik Scarecrow is launching a series of hip-hop influenced kaiju this year, inspired by his childhood love of Godzilla. Featured here is the super villain Dizign colourway. It’s really hard not to see the ‘80s influence with the arm warmers and almost shell toe sneakers. This bad momma measures in at 10” and retails for about $70.00 US.

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Bertie the Pipe Bot by Ashley Wood
Bertie the Pipe Bot is one deadly fucking toy. Toys are going to be getting a lot darker these days, and this guy is proof. He comes equipped with a slew of different deadly accessories, including and not limited to a bandolier, a 6-shooter, a net, and high-detail decapitated heads to fill it with. Stands 14” high.

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Zac Pac x Maxx242 Be@rbrick In-Store Event – June 14, 2008
For all our Tokyo readers, the Zac Pac shop in Shibuya is doing a huge launch and live painting session with the well respected artist, Maxx242, whose clients include a number of punk bands (The Transplants, The Used, Bad Relgion) and tat/skate culture folks ( Famous Stars and Straps, Osiris, Tribal). This deadly little toy will be given out free at the event, so better start lining up, now!

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Shaolin Monks from The House of Liu, by Veggiesomethings
For this years coming Taipei Toy Festival, Veggiesomethings and Crazylabel are releasing a series of sword loving vinyl Shaolin Monks. The two are siblings, named Mei Mei and Di Di. One in training and the other a devotee, both decked with prayer beads and staves. The toys are loaded with history and commemorate the rebellion of the Chinese under Manchurian rule. The website has some really great historical explanations, backstory and Q&A.

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