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Vinyl Fantasy: The Final Elements
When asked to come up with an 8-bit response to Megaman’s 20th anniversary for the “ I Am 8-Bit” show at Gallery 1988 in LA, Dr. Bao and the NVC Crew came up with this sick Final Fantasy-esque diorama. The setup merges the Final Fantasy video game with the philosophy of the five elements of the Chinese universe. (Earth, Air, Wind, Water, Fire and Chi). In this scenario, a dark little wizard, named Vivi (Dunny base), goes for a stroll in the forest and is attacked by a giant tree with a flaming head (Bud base). What else can he do but summon some serious protection in the form of a sword wielding stone titan (Sqwert base). Kazam!


Puppet Master 1:1 Replicas: Blade & Pinhead
The Puppet Master series was easily the most under-rated horror franchise of the 1980’s. A total of five and a number of spin-offs spawned more and more little killing machines. There was a brief release of action figures, now only available through the Japanese archives of Toy2R, but now, finally, creator Charles Band is releasing 1:1 replicas of his favourites, starting with Blade and Pinhead. Next up, Leech Woman and Torch, to be followed by Tunneler, Jester, Totem, Decapitron Sixshooter and one surprise toy. Only 200 of each figure are available. For a better look, check ‘em out at the Full Moon site.


Make a Toy Paper- Toypaper.com
Toy Paper isn’t exactly vinyl but you can customize it that way if you really want to. All you have to do is print one out and fold and paste along the right edges. They’ve got tonnes of awesome models you can make, from sneakers and turntables to undead generals and forest creatures. They look great around your house or on your desk.
More Info: www.toypaper.co.uk


Frank Kozik : Smash The State
Is Frank Kozik the new leader of the anarchist vinyl revolution? Almost everything he’s putting out these days has a serious militant vibe His latest series of Qee’s from Toy2r is a monochrome palette of trademarked Kozik menagerie featuring shit kickin’, cigarette smokin’ bears, cats, monkeys, skele-monsters, an artists figure and two secret ones. The elephant ears on the first mystery toy are a dead give away but bets are still on for the next one. Wave your black flags high!


Grabbit by Touma
Grabbit, TOUMA’s latest creation drawn specially for Play Imaginative, is being released in three new colorways this July. You can now find him Black Flocked, Blank White DIY Kit, and exclusive for the SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) in a Wood Finish edition. This rabbit don’t take no shit from nobody thanks to his signature snarling teeth, removable kicks and moveable ears which go from perky to punchy in the flick of a wrist. Grabbit isn’t business all the time, you can switch his head and put him in the happy zone if you want. Comes in a shoebox package with a certificate, a limited edition art print and 1/300 serial number. Grabbit is articulated at the head, ears, arms, and legs.

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