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Debilz – Mist
The French bad boy Mist, better known for laying his graffiti mark on the bodies of willing naked chicks, has released a series of abstract little demons called Debilz. I’m unsure of the origin of the name, but I predict it is a fusion between devils and the French word, débile, as in, “When Wyclef Jean climbed the walls at the show last night, the crowd went totally fucking débile (crazy).”

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Giant Monstre De Marais, 1st edition, by WeKillYou
WeKillYou has been dropping fresh gear for the past year or so, and is now really coming of age with his first commercial vinyl/resin release. The giant Monstre De Marais (or Swamp Monster for an exact translation…huh…this is a lot of French for one issue!) looks like he stands a good ten inches high and is limited to only ten pieces! I reckon they’ll all be sold by the time this post goes up. They will be available through the site, and are priced at $50.00. Also available are a new line of tees and a WeKillYou bat plushy thing.

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Pepsi Nex Zero x Star Wars Be@rbrick
If you’ve ever been to Asia (or maybe you live there) then weird corporate toy collaborations shouldn’t be anything new to you. This new line is no exception. I’m not sure why Medicom is rehashing Star Wars again , or what the connection is with a zero calorie Pepsi, but I can predict a huge change in the pop drinking habits of Japanese otaku collectors since these guys have “rabid fan” written all over them.

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Scary Girl Flash 9 Game
LowBrow art sensation Nathan Jurvicious is finally on his way to launching a flash-based game of his Scary Girl Heroine. This has been in the works for over two years, so it should be quite impressive. The game boasts two hours of gameplay and downloadable levels at 2 MB a piece. Under development by Touch My Pixel.

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Reach Bear
When I lived in Taipei a few years ago, I used to stumble home drunk after a night of dancing to bad hip-hop, but Reach’s bug-eyed electro bears would guide me on my way. I am so proud to see this guy getting some serious exposure. This six inch vinyl comes in three colors—pink, yellow and glossy black—and retails for $29.95.

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