Vinyl Cast 39: Shithalf, Gary Taxali, Kubrick, Kaiju


Toy blogs around the world are receiving this mysterious message attached to preview images:

“Dear world wide web perusers, It is I, Countess Shirley Creamhorn, writing this letter to you from the beautiful grounds of the Shithawk mansion. Our young and talented groundskeeper and sculptor, Dr. Apeface, has begun to put the finishing touches to the sculpt of myself and our glorious mascot, the Shithawk. Once the final amends have been successfully completed, I hope to have this beautiful piece of art cast in Bronze for our courtyard and also developed into a childs plaything, using a medium called ‘vinyl.’ I hope you find this information charming and the glorious image of the mighty Shithawk fills your heart with joy,/Yours sincerely, Shirley Creamhorn Shithawk, inc.”

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Gary Taxali – Oh No & Oh Oh, Chump Toys Launch, May 8
Gary Taxali, the famed low-brow artist, is finally launching some new collectible toy pieces to complement his paintings. Gary’s past toy projects have included Circus Punks, a Qee, and a giant, mopey monkey aptly titled “Original Toy Monkey.” Magic Pony, in Toronto, will be hosting the official launch on May 8th from 6-9 pm and Gary will be attending. Head over to the Magic Pony website for further details.

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Kermit x Kubrick x Supreme
Just a quick update to let you know that the Kermit the Frog x Supreme Kubrick has unsurprisingly sold out in Japan, just days after its launch, but will soon be available in North America. If I remember correctly, it was a few years back that the Kermit x Supreme tee series was launched. Yay! [Waves arms franticly in the air.] Available now at Bobo’s Shop. Look out for a second series of Miss Piggy figures coming in the near future.

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Soopa Coin-Op Bros. Show @ Concrete Jungle
Soopa Bros. gets a mention for combining two of my favorite things in life, arcade gaming and vinyl toys. It’s really hard to screw this one up, but I’m surprised not to see any nods to Mario, as of yet in this exposition, but at least Kody Koala remembered to big up the Noid (avoid the Noid!). The expo features more art from 30 artists such as Eric Scarecrow, Bucky Lastard, George Gaspar, Ayleen Gaspar, Matt Ayward, and many more. The show, along with refreshments, can be digested at Concrete Jungle April 19, and it is brought to you by Esc-Toy Ltd.

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Kaiju Invades NYC x Mishka
Mishka and friends are proud to invite all Kaiju lovers to the opening reception of Kaiju NYC. The event will be hosted at Toy Tokyo’s NYC Showroom Gallery. The exhibit will feature new items and custom pieces from A-list Japanese and American designers like Blobpus, Real X Head, Gargamel, Tim Biskup and more of the usual suspects. Mishka is collaborating with Lamour Supreme on a custom piece and limited Kaiju death battle t-shirt, featured here. Definitely something to check out if you are in town for the New York Comiccon. Items will be on display at the gallery from April 20th-21st and online.

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