Theis One

Theis One

While parents often try to steer their children toward certain professions, Theis One’s parents probably didn’t have this in mind when they handed him a magazine with pictures of graffiti inside. “It was the first real production I had seen,” he says. “It just blew my world. I was drawing a lot at the time, so it opened some new doors [for me], and I started to get really hooked on it.”


A native of Copenhagen, Theis One recalls first seeing graffiti back in ’84 or ’85. “I saw one of the local trains with a piece on it,” he says. “Really crappy stuff – but still it made an effect on me. I got very curious and started to ask people about it, and I looked for graffiti no matter where I was.”

Beginning by painting wooden plates in his backyard, by ’87 Theis One was officially down the aerosol arts. With graffiti, he says, “I like that you can do exactly what you want to do. There’s no limits.” He also enjoys the varying locations and the painting with peeps like his crew, Jungle Tactics, out of Belgium – and the satisfaction of completing big projects.

Theis One

Locally, Theis One describes the graf scene as large and varied: “there’s almost graf for whatever you like,” he says. “Trains, walls… We also have a couple of legal spots: Christiania, and the Hall of Fame near the harbor where the action is high – it’s about 2000 square-metres of wall.”

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