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There is always somebody or someone that comes up second best or is a serious component of a bigger success. Michael Jordan would be nothing without Scottie Pippen, D-Wade would be nothing with Shaq, and Andre 3000 would be nothing with Big Boi.

Transfer this to sneakers. Every time someone buys a fresh pair of kicks, what happens, you get home open up the box, place it nicely somewhere in your room or closet and spend the majority of your time with the sneaker itself, but what about the sneaker-box? The most under-appreciated and overlooked part of the sneaker culture. Some companies really put effort in designing a box that is in step with the shoe but we often disregard this part and give no recognition to the at times artistic creativity to the sneaker-box.

Sneakerbox - Ari Menthol

Released in 2006, and limited to 252 pairs, this Alife release dropped with an ALife x Ari T-Shirt and a signed Espo print. The green, white and gold colorway of these Ari Menthol’s complements the cigarette packaging themed box. Get hooked!

Available At: Vintage Kicks

Sneakerbox - Dark Obsidian Blue / Shy Pink

These Dunks represent the classic SB box colorway with a slight variation. A fairly common release, but nonetheless a dope colorway, and the Shy Pink laces set it off proper.

Available At: Pick Your Shoes

Sneakerbox - Pager Flavor Ice Cream Low (Grey / Green / Blue)

Released in the original 2004 Ice Cream line, these grey, green and blue kicks are entitled “Pager Flavor.” If you don’t know by now, they come in the authentic Ice Cream box, a great touch from Reebok and Pharell. Collect all the flavours.

Available At: Pick Your Shoes

Sneakerbox - Adidas Superstar

Part of the Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary collection, these $700 kicks were released to 700 pairs. A re-introduction of the 1970 model, the Adi Dassler refelcts the look and feel of the original superstar.

Available At: Pick Your Shoes

Sneakerbox - Air Jordan 1 2001

Released in 2001, these Jordan 1s come in a suitcase. Good luck stacking these with the rest of your boxes.

Available At: Vintage Kicks

Sneakerbox - Air Jordan 17: White/Red

Not the dopest shoe to drop, in fact, the shoe isn’t even that hot, but the red case and outer box make this release a collectors dream.

Available At: Pick Your Shoes

Sneakerbox - Paul Rodriguez Zoom Air Elite Futura Edition

These Paul Rodriguez Zoom Air’s, better known as P-Rods, were rumored to be released exclusively at 500 pairs worldwide. The Futura edition, shown right, is probabaly the best known of the series which sets off the SB box from the normal pink, to a beautiful looking purple.

Available At: Pick Your Shoes

Sneakerbox - Pushead SB Dunk

Quite possible the illest box to ever drop from Nike, the Pushead SB Dunks created a lot of hype. A great move by Nike to get this legendary artist, primarily influenced by the Heavy Metal scene, to design a custom box. Released in 2005, you’ll have to search to find a pair of these, but they’ll only run you about $300 if you can find a pair.

Available At: Vintage Kicks

Sneakerbox - Year of the Dog AF1

You will not find these shoes for sale, and if you do, you should buy them immediately. Good things really do come in treasure boxes.

Unavailable from online retailers.
Image: Dover Street Market

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  1. im looking for air pippen 1 to buy!!! i need them so if you have any info on where i can get them please let me know! thank you

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