J-Horror Covers


Boo! As we keep consistent with the concept of ill covers we figured why stop at albums. J-Horror is a genre of Japanese contributions to horror fiction in popular culture where films are based on the psychological aspect of horror as opposed to the American formula of the slasher, demon, or extraterrestrial based flicks. So relax your mind, let your conscious be free and let these deranged works mess with your head. Happy Halloween!


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  1. A Tale Of Two Sisters, was an awsome move! We’ll make sure to check out the rest. May I also suggest two great recent Japanese flicks: Kamakazi Girls and The Promise. -Peace

  2. While I like some of those picks, Pulse being one of my favourite Japanese horror movies, I have two quick comments:

    1. All of these versions look to be the American releases considering they have English writing… I’m not sure how different the covers would look for the Japanese releases, but I would think they’d be somewhat different. I have seen the Japanese version of Pulse (aka Kairo) and the cover is definitely freakier…

    2. A Tale of Two Sisters and Acacia are Korean, not Japanese.

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