Hip Hop Toys

Little Ghost – 4CAST Limited
In order to rekindle the feelings of the 90’s Golden Era of hip hop, actual gold was used for the production of the bling in this Ghostface Doll. The figures include a 14-karat gold chain and pendant and a 14-karat gold eagle arm bracelet, with diamond included. Also of note is the adjustable Yankees cap and plush Ghostdini robe. Not only is the doll blinged out, but it actually spits 6 classic Ghost lines like, “Yo bitch, I fucked your friend, ya stank ho!” Limited to 1,000, they’re on sale now.


NVC Crew- Notorious B.I.G*L
NVC Crew makes the list for their persistent boundary pushing efforts in toy customizing. Dr. Bao and Spive have produced a number of hip hop themed releases like their take on Afro Samurai, a Money Grip (kaNO) MF Doom custom, and now their most recent work in collaboration with MadL, the 10 “ Notorious B.I.G.*L. The piece was obviously made as a tribute to Biggy, and used actual wood for the TV frame.


Michael Lau
Michael Lau took the toy collecting world by storm in early 2001 with his, then revolutionary, customized GI Joes that spawned hoards of imitators. He’s also credited as a founding father of the urban vinyl scene. To quote Paul Budnitz, “it was like he was looking at American hip hop culture through a reversed telescope,” when his first work was released. Lately Michael has been enjoying the company of various gigs with Nike, producing limited figures to go with releases like the Dunk SB Woodgrain, or the stand alone Pro Athlete figure series that are equipped with actual ‘pro’ fabrics.


Urban Crew- Now With Weapons!
The Urban Crew, is a line coming from the toy customizing company called Herobuilders that bring you Beach Blanket Obama and Sexy School Girl Sarah (Palin), among other creations. For the sake of Urban Crew, the site allows you to build your own, thuggin’ posse of action figures by navigating their simple ‘build-em-up’ flash menus and a newly added arsenal of weapons.


Kid Robot –Mugzy E3, Fatcaps
As a major production house of vinyl figures, this report would not be complete without at least one nod to their good people. Most notable were the Fat Caps Series 1 and 2 that had graffiti artists and Kid Robot illustrators tackle the task of designing mini spray can figures. Another release was the Hawaii based graff Artist East3, who released Mugsy, a Michael Lau inspired figure. Not just limited to graff stylins, Kid Robot Bling has been known to appear in more than a few Swizz Beats music video productions.


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