You’ve heard it from your parents, your guidance counselors and now from Format: Wrap it before you tap it, folks. The concept of wrapping an iPod in a protective layer isn’t exactly a new one, but the ability to wrap it with a skin as dope as the ones offered by Gelaskins should make you think twice about the bland competition they are up against.


The company originated in Toronto, Canada, taking a different approach than previous skin creators. Utilizing artists from around the globe, Gelaskins offer customized covers for the iPod video, the Nano as well as previous generations.


Offering over 175 different graphics, the skins do more than just look good. Whether you’re steaming a car up on the side of the road with wifey or entertaining a dinner party with an iPod stand-alone speaker set, Gelaskins has got you covered. These joints cost less than 15 bones and have got everything from Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch to some graffiti prints that look like they were cooked up on some ill hallucinogens.


Point blank – Gelaskins have you got covered. Granting you ease of mind, the case adds a protected element to your music collection and a solid grip while you’re bumping tracks on the subway. Fashion, function and flavor; check out to browse their huge collection and remember what your older brother told you, “Wrap it before you tap it.”

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  1. I think GelaSkins are the best invention for the standard ipod look, making it the coolest thing since the invention of the portable mp3 player. As long as Apple exist and keeps on evolving technically, ipods are here to stay.

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