Weapon of Choice: The Desman by Guillaume Cabantous

The work of artist Guillaume Cabantous has a distinctly violent feel. In Cabantous’ last solo show called The Desman at Gallery Odile Ouizeman in Paris, panes of shattered glass were pierced by large blades, strung-up on giant meat hooks, and surrounded by criss-crossing cables and ropes. The installation pieces were complimented by “quieter” wall mounted drawings that reference a more familiar gallery space whose serenity had been disrupted by some sort of violent accident.

Cabantous’ work has been described as highly masculine for its rough, violent, and penetrating imagery. This is, however, just one element of what is actually quite a nuanced and precisely executed body of work. No doubt though, “delicate” is not the first word that comes to mind when looking at Cabantous’ work. Check out some images and a video from the exhibition below.

Daniel St. Germaine

Daniel St. Germaine

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