David Flores

David Flores

Well known within the urban arts community for his self-proclaimed “stained glass” style, David Flores is keeping busy in 2007 working with Kid Robot, XLarge, and other principal brands in the urban realm. Flores, as Format found out when interviewing him, is the type of artist to let his work speak for itself, but that didn’t stop him from giving us some insight into his personality. Welcome to the world of David Flores.

“But I can say I refused to make money from exploited children! And I refuse to pay my tax! And I refuse to do work with liars, cheaters, and thieves”

Format: Please introduce yourself to our readers in less than ten words.
David Flores: I’d rather die then tell you anything!

Format: In your biography, you write that you’re the guy that paints girls in gas masks. How come this work isn’t presented in your online portfolio?
David Flores: That’s either really old or you have the wrong David Flores. As far as the portfolio goes, I like to keep it updated; all that really matters is what you’re doing now. One day I will probably feel dumb for saying that.

Format: You also state that you don’t do heroin. In such a short biography, why have you decided to include this statement?
David Flores: Cause I don’t do heroin. So, please say no to drugs, so you won’t act like everyone else does. And I guess there’s really nothing left to say, drugs are just bad, mmmmk?

Format: Why do you end your biography with “I don’t use Photoshop for any of these paintings that I speak of.”?
David Flores: I’m a painter, what is Photoshop? I’m a sculptor and I like to design toys, I am a robot. I have no feelings, nor do I care for my own work when it is complete, the job is done. I do not need to keep the artwork, I sell it very fast.


Format: Please talk about As the Collective. Who is a part of it? What do you do as a group? Etc.
David Flores: Badguys vs. badguys. We party and catch girls together. And we play golf. Sometimes we buy paint

Format: Why do you like painting hip-hop artists?
David Flores: Because hip-hop is dead. I paint a lot of icons, most are deceased. Hip-hop, the way I used to know and listen to it, is virtually unseen on the mainstream media and videos. Some call it backpacker, but it’s Group Home, Artifacts, El Da Sensei, Gravediggaz, Hiero, Casual, all the mid 90’s era was dope. Now it’s just bling bling, money, cars and bullshit! Money is insurance, but it’s not worth dying for. Long live nostalgia.

Format: Who has been your favorite artist to paint and why?
David Flores: I have yet to paint a self portrait.

Format: You also paint a lot of cartoon characters. How do you choose the subjects you paint?
David Flores: I like happy things, see I’m really calm and peaceful. I like birds, trees, bees; I like people, I like funny things that make me happy and gleeful.


Format: How would you describe your style of painting portraits?
David Flores: Dope! Nah, but seriously, it’s original. Others have seen it and tired to bite, but they get sent back to the lab. I think it’s kinda like stained glass, but a bit more ergo.

Format: What are you trying to capture by using this particular style?
David Flores: Money!

Format: In your portfolio there is a painting of Andy Warhol and it is one of the only pieces not painted in your signature style. Why did you choose to paint him differently?
David Flores: Is he not different?

Format: You’ve worked with a lot of media. What do you most enjoy working with and why?
David Flores: Vapors magazine, when it was new. Frank 151, because Mike is cool. I like taking pictures from magazines and drawing on top of them now, very new. Sometimes I use paint too. Big magazines like V. Fashion.


Format: Please speak about the Basquiat fitted hat that is on your site. How did that project come about and how did it manifest?
David Flores: Jean Michelle came to me in a dream and said he wanted me to make him a crown. So I asked Stakes Are High in Tokyo if they could make me a crown. They did make a nice one.

Format: What is your relationship with Kidrobot?
David Flores: Kidrobot is my lover. We made a baby, we called him Konartis. Before that, we adopted two Dunny’s. One is chrome and one is gold. They are bad and evil. We are adopting a new Dunny this summer. He will be smaller.

Format: What is your relationship with XLarge?
David Flores: XLarge is my friend. We made t-shirts with Beastie Boys on them and Bearbrick, five colorways, pink, blue, gray, red, and the 400% will be in green. Very cool. We also had an art show and a party at the store in Tokyo.


Format: You’ve been a part of a lot of different collaborations. Have any of them been particularly special to you? How come?
David Flores: Kidrobot, because Paul gave me a chance to make something completely original with Konartis. Oakley, we made sunglasses and they are all very nice and cool people. Jaiman and Declan, everybody there is super cool.

Format: Most of the work you’ve done has been with brands that are in touch with urban and underground culture. How do you decide which projects you’ll take on?
David Flores: I do not choose them they choose me. True SF is very cool too, Mike Brown. 100% man!

Format: What is the last project your refused and why?
David Flores: I cannot say exactly who I refuse, it will not be kind. But I can say I refused to make money from exploited children! And I refuse to pay my tax! And I refuse to do work with liars, cheaters, and thieves.

Format: You write in your biography that you won’t stop until you get to where you want to be. Where do you want to be?
David Flores: I want to be where I’m at, therefore I will never stop.

More Info: http://www.davidfloresart.com


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  1. David didn’t even talk about all his skateboard art. This guy goes way back. He’s a funny guy, hard to read but funny and so dedicated…

  2. this dood is crazy talented…like kinda almost insane. ive seen all the skateboard art from the past. . hes a savage with the art

  3. jfuckinredwood says:

    Motherfuckerishilarious. Icanpicturehimsaying allthis shitand picture allofthe readerssmilling orfrowning. ItsjustDFdontbe scared.

  4. Dr. Sean Brown says:

    WHeres my model pic huh dave? haaa

    yo D flores When you gona pass me a bag of brown baked beans from boston???????

    see you this summer playboy.

    Illustrator and not photoshop thats what you tellin me and jess right?

    – Smurf

  5. formerly known asTheHatLady says:

    David – glad to see you’re getting props. I still cherish my polar bear deck and would still love to know the truth about the run – rip Jeff. Not baking so many cookies these days. Tell these fine folks to pass you my addy and hit it. :)

  6. This guy makes a statement about not using photoshop, because he is using illustrator. He’s kinda like that guy from Chasing Amy..The Tracer.
    But hey..I ain’t gonna hate on him. I envy the success he has had.

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