Wale’s World

Wale's World - Illustration by Goodbully.com

When a new artist breaks into a specific scene, there is no real clear path to the top. These days, talent, money and hustle aren’t enough; it’s about finding a niche and working the angles.

Enter Wale: a 22-year-old with flair unknown in hip-hop, using a fusion of distinct musical styles that are foreign to the mainstream, Wale has an all seasons approach to his music that, unfortunately, a numb industry cannot hear over popular snow rappers, or can they? Wale’s couples lyrical prowess with a natural swagger. He is a rap ambassador in the capitol. Although unsigned to a major label, Wale is hardly a minor. His presence places DC on the map, a city now known for more than Capitol Hill and an insane murder rate.

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Episode 1: The Introduction

Episode 2: Allstar Game

Episode 3: Myspace . Kicks

Episode 4: Skateboard . Exclusive

Episode 5: Commonwealth DC

Episode 6: Pre Studio

Episode 7: Studio Freestyle

Episode 8: Band Practice

Episode 9: Phone Bone

Episode 10: Carry Out

Episode 11: Back to School

Episode 12: Pre Performance

Episode 13: Performance

Episode 14: Outro

Episode 15: Bonus Cuts