Lil Wayne – The Drought 3

Lil Wayne - The Drought 3

Believe it or not, Wayne owns the streets right now. He has been flooding the market with himself whenever possible; through collaborations, remixes and mixtapes, he is truly making it rain.

The Drought 3 is his latest installment meant to keep the thirst alive for his Carter 3 album due out this summer. He demolishes nearly every beat on this disc in amazing fashion. It seems that the rhymes in his head refuse to stay put song after song. Weezy’s version of “Upgrade U” and “This is Why I’m Hot” begins The Drought 3 with a bang. Showing his flare for the dramatic, he puts up his red flag and shows his gang affiliations over Jeezy’s “I Luv It” and talks about why he “kisses his daddy” over Khaled’s “We Taking Over” beat. This flare goes into overkill a little with him singing over Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” and his not-so-sexy imitation of Ciara’s “Promise.” These, however, are minor drawbacks compared to the insane flows over Jibbs “King Kong,” Lil Boosie’s “Zoom,” and Jim Jones “Repping Time.”

The fact that he has verses on half of these songs already either through the original version or the official remixes makes these verses even greater. Hopefully, The Drought will be over soon and we can get an official album, but this is a good enough supply to last for a minute.

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  1. Reg-G B. (Best MC Alive) says:

    DAMN Wayne snapped on every beat. Can’t no nigga in da game fuck with him. Y’all niggaz know where Weezy lyrical at!!! So don’t get it twisted he is da “Best Rapper Alive”, and the new King of Hip Hop face it da South has taken ova. WE DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i love Weezy he is da shit! he is so fuckin sexy n he is no doubt da best rapper alive. i hav all his songs dwnloaded on my computer n dats all i listen 2. he is da sexiest n best rapper alive! no one can see him in rappin he is a straight up beast! i love him!!! who else out there can rap off any beat? no one but WEEZY F. BABY!!!!!

    i love Weezy

  3. This is a tight album…weezy always goes off with those sick lyrics of his….but hey, does anyone know whats the original song for the I cant feel my face..whats the beat originally from, i know it has mannie fresh on it

  4. THE draught 3 is the shit!!! … N lil wayne is the shit! hes the best rapper alive HE SO moda fkn hot he can eat astar! lol.. Thats all i gotta say… nobody can do it like him! HE TAKING OVA!! yay!

  5. weezy in the truth and 4 all yall out there that don’t like him well he told me to tell yall to suck hit dick ha ha ha

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