Hip Hop Immortals

Hip Hop Immortals

Documenting 20 years of commercial hip-hop photography, Hip Hop Immortals The Remix, published by Thunder’s Mouth Press, and written by Bonz Malone, is 360 pages of classic photos, excellent typography, clean design, and informative biographies. Adding 100 pages and onto its predecessors, the paperback remix edition is the most common, and accessible version of the Hip Hop Immortals series, but it is also the most in-depth.

Unbound by timeframes, or obligations to specific photographers, Hip Hop Immortals includes photographs from some of the best in the business to display the most important figures in hip-hop since the 1970s. Iconic photos of everyone from Grandmaster Flash to Eminem can be seen in the book, but don’t expect much from post-2000; Nelly, Ja Rule, and Ludacris are the only three “new” artists included. Still, this takes nothing away from the book, which is a testament to commercial hip-hop since its inception. Naming any of the photographers included Immortals in such a short review, would be a dis to the rest, but luckily this is the Internet, and Hip Hop Immortals has a site listing all of the photographers included. Information on each artist is written by Bonz Malone, but the book is primarily visual, utilizing the text as aesthetic, over informative; reading some of the bio’s is difficult, but the beautiful arrangement of type makes up for the struggle.

Hip Hop Immortals is still readily available in 2007 online, and at retailers. No word yet for a second volume, but keep your fingers crossed, or better yet, go support by buying the first one!

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