Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists

Ego Trip's Book of Rap ListsTo call Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists the hip-hop Bible would be wrong because it is far better rounded, shorter and a helluva lot more fun to read. What it is, however, is the only piece of rap literature you truly cannot live without. Some hip-hop history books may be angled to a more political view, some include glistening photographs. None, however, are funnier, or have higher re-read value than this.

Whether you’re a backpacking newbie who thinks O.P.P. is ol’ skool, or the most jaded ’90s-era classicist, Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists is full of the tidbits you need to know. The book’s formula is simple: all categories of the rapping world, from production to DJing to monikers to lyrics to album art and everything in-between, are covered in list form. Five Things Pen & Pixel Will Not Put On An Album Cover, and Unforgettable Video Disses are just an example of the ground Ego Trip covers in its all-extensive lists.

Everything that happened in rap music prior to 1998 (the year it was published) is covered somewhere in this tome. Learn the evidence on both sides of the Tupac divide (dead or alive?), or all the one-time members of Boogie Down Productions. To top it off, the book ends with a chronological listing of the best rap singles and albums by year. Of all the “cool-guy” books ever published, this one dwarfs ‘em all: unpretentious, hilarious and bursting-at-the-tits with facts, misinformation and everything else you didn’t know about rap music – run cop that.

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  1. Agreed — 1 million per cent.

    Seriously — there is NO reason NOT to have this book (yeah, I know, double-negative).

    Also one of the few thing hip-hop that doesn’t take itself way too seriously.

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