Devin the Dude – Waiting to Inhale


To typify Devin the Dude as an everyman would be criminal, however, his work ethic and demeanor in the booth would suggest he’s a lemming to the same pressures we all face. Sprinkling his blunts with regularity is the key to Devin’s constant growth. Devin throws his fourth solo album on the scale, this Ziplock burns with major flavor from spark to the filter. Guest spots represent the grind and Devin has been on those spots for over a decade, but, this time, newly anointed rap kings like Weezy, Snoop and Bun B dropping in for some sticky sessions. Andre 3000 manages to drop the most on-point verse of 2007 on “What A Job,” but Devin manages to keep up – barely.

Never hesitant to fall back onto his typical vices (weed, wine and women) deep subject matter has never been Devin’s forte, but he impresses with his outlook on social problems and shady industry shenanigans.

Soothing croons and babbling drunk talk aside, the Dude is truly at home over mellow beats that fit for an end of the night smoke show. Flip a 20-sack from your next reload and grab Waiting to Inhale, as Devin the Dude will be the Akon you remember in 15 years.

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