Devin the Dude – On the Grind

Devin the Dude - On the Grind

Over the course of the past two years, the Houston hip-hop scene has exploded, captivating the world with their screwed up sound and tales of candy paint, rims, and “sippin’ lean.” But one of the original H-town’s premier MC’s, Devin the Dude still remains under the radar despite all of the attention others have been garnering.

Re-emerging with a new mixtape titled “On the Grind (Smoke One 4 Your Brother),” Devin’s formula for this project is pretty simple: drugs+sex+funk. This proves to be entertaining due to Devin’s feel-good vibes and his attention to detail. He is at his best when it comes to talking about the favorite part of a woman with cuts like “Paying for Pussy” and “Splash.” He gets plenty of help with some outstanding collabs including “Porno Bitches” ft. Big Boi and Bizzare and “Toast to the Pussy” ft. Twista, E-40, Sani G, and the legendary Geto Boys. With a rock-inspired track, “Beautiful/Crazy” is a welcome change of pace song, exploring issues relating to the track title.

Although there isn’t much variety in subject matter, the refreshing thing about this collection is there are no references to money or violence. “On the Grind” is pure indulgence in the simpler things in life – along with a ton of weed.

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