Claw Money – Bombshell: The Life and Times of Claw Money


Bombshell: The Life and Times of Claw Money, leaps past visual brew-ha-ha by stepping into the personal life of Claudia, a woman, a graffiti writer and a fashion authority that decides to bear all through amazing imagery that offers 100 per cent Claw Money.

Published by Powerhouse Books’ Miss Sara Rosen Editions, Bombshell: The Life and Times of Claw Money, is 156 pages with 83 pages of color and black and white photography, and 16 artworks pieces by contributing writers that personally know Claw Money.

Notably, Sacha Jenkins offers a beautiful and grimy look in Claw Money’s (“Graffiti writers are warm, cunning, engaging, stunning, beautiful, full of themselves, violent, passive, diplomatic, shifty and honorable to a fault…Claw Money is all these things,” writes Jenkins, who first met Claw Money in the late-80s) life that is raw with truth, allowing the reader to touch Claw Money’s personality. No bars are held.

Fashion journalist, Minya Quirk, writes 101 Reason to Love Claudia (in no particular order): 56. Smart, smart and smart; 24. Her temper tantrums – alarming and impressive; 11. Sometimes she’s out sans purse, like a dude, just tropping with all her stuff in her pockets; 28. Her Victoria’s Secret secret. Yeah, I’ll give it up – she buys the clothes; 51. Because when we saw Lil John, she screamed, “OOOOOKAAAAYYYY” in his face and scared the shit out of him.

The entertainment factor of Bombshell: The Life and Times of Claw Money, is best exhibited in the amazing collages that Claw Money creates. Using anything and everything, Claw Money’s collages burst with creativity – thumbtacks, jewelry (uniquely her own) family photos, graffiti, sun glasses, Magnum markers, patches and several handfuls of personal materials transform a collection of personal junk into jaw dropping artworks.

Bombshell: The Life and Times of Claw Money; bueno!

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